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Tonight my racism chase takes me to the island of Manhattan.

I do not care if you are the president of those divided states or just a tough working young black man, it is hard out right here having to deal with the dreaded excessive colour arousal syndrome.

"A 19-yr-outdated faculty scholar from Queens says he was handcuffed and locked in a jail cell after shopping for a $350 designer belt at Barneys on New York's Madison Avenue because he is "a young black man."

Trayon Christian told NBC 4 New York on Wednesday that he saved up from a part-time job for weeks to buy a Salvatore cheap ferragamo Shoes belt at Barneys.

When he went to the store to purchase it in April, he says the checkout clerk asked to see his identification. After the sale went by way of and he left the shop, he was approached by police about a block away, and asked "how a young black man resembling himself might afford to purchase such an expensive belt," in keeping with a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Courtroom.

Officers hauled Christian to the native precinct, where he confirmed police his identification, in addition to his debit card and the receipt for the ferragamo belt outlet, the lawsuit says.

Police still believed Christian's identification was fake, and finally referred to as his bank, which verified it was his, in accordance with the complaint. Christian, who has no prior arrests, was released.

He informed NBC four New York that questions were racing via his thoughts whereas he went by way of the painful expertise of being handcuffed and taken to a cell.

"Why me? I assume because I am a younger black man, and you recognize, individuals do a bank card scam so they probably thought that I was certainly one of them," Christian mentioned. "They most likely think that black individuals haven't got money like that."

He later returned the belt to Barneys because he says he "didn't need to have nothing to do with it."

He is suing the town and the luxury department store for unspecified damages on account of "nice physical and psychological distress and humiliation." [Supply]

Young man, I hope you win your lawsuit and get sufficient money to purchase a thousand Ferragamo suits.

Lastly, the suitable is upset with democratic congressman, Alan Grayson, who declared in no unsure phrases that the tea celebration and the KKK was just about the identical thing. ("If the hood matches")

Over on Fox they're calling it race baiting. Pot meet kettle. Sean Hannity was beside himself with rage. He introduced in considered one of his house Negro friends, Niger Innis (yes, that's his title) to cheer on his hypocritical rant.

Niger should have forgotten about Sean's good friend, Hal Turner. But that is what house Negroes do, they go alongside to get alongside.

Anyway, I really like this commentary from someone named Michelle (Obama) Gardner.

"I'm wondering if Hannity will ever invite his new colleague Ben Carson onto his present to discuss his long history of race baiting. So, its all fantastic and dandy when Carson (and the entire GOP for that matter) confer with Blacks Liberals as "slaves" and the Democratic Social gathering as a "plantation" and Obamacare because the worst thing since slavery. In the meantime, they're indignant at heated racial rhetoric coming from the left? Is not referring to African People as slaves the top of racial insensitivity given the historical past????

But Republicans do it on a regular basis, especially Black Republicans.

They lash out all the time on the Black community for rejecting them. So, reasonably than responding to that rejection like mature adults they whip out the slave references and cover behind their pores and skin colour to justify such irresponsible rhetoric. They then go on Conservative media and embarrass themselves additional by repeating such nonsense amongst individuals who frankly already have misconceptions concerning the Black group. They get patted on the top for being "courageous" , "telling it like it's", "thinking for themselves", "not being Computer", however primarily for saying what White conservatives assume, but might never ever say.

What's extra is that the sort of factor would not occur with different groups. Give it some thought. Most Jews on this country are Democrats. Yet, Republicans would not dare refer to Liberal Jews as having a "focus camp" mentality or the Democratic Party as being a "focus camp". Most significantly you could not pay a self-respecting, Conservative minded, Jewish person sufficient cash to face in front of CPAC, or Values Voters Summit, or a Christian Coalition Conference, or Faux Newz and say some crazy shyt like that!!!!